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Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm in a finicky, not so friendly mood today.

I've got personal problems that bother me and so I've slacked off on stitching and I'm going to get back on it tonight. Today is Friday and that is "Nativity" day. I've completed only a few stitches on it and so I want to take a picture of it, which will take a few weeks to appear considering my old camera. Then, start stitching for as long as I can.
Above is who I will call, "Crowman" and he is holding a picture of his Title. I made it in about a week and a half. He likes going out on his morning constitutional and the first thing he does is give a whistle and the crows come flying overand he gives them food. He is quite delighted with watching them eat a few feet from him.

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