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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am in the process of making a Super Sal

It is called La Scapigliatta by DaVinci or Michelangelo. It is of a woman done in light to dark tans and I think it is going to be just beautiful.I started it on Thursday, February 3, 2011. It is going to be about 8 x 11 inches. It is on 16ct AIDA. I have almost finished up 2 colors on the top 10 x 10 blocks from left to right and I am going to work on it every morning except Sunday when I am going to work on God.(Michelangelo)
The reason it is a Super Sal is that there are 9 pictures done by 3 cross stitch websites for half price! $1.75! They are going to send a block a month for 9 months starting in February 1,2011. I feel inspired! Well, wish me luck all of you friends out there as I happily trudge through it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have been dismayed and bored because my computer broke down.

I found some friends who were able to fix my computer. God Bless you friends! They are great people! Now I can start my stitching again. To me, it is so boring cross-stitching without an audiobook to listen to on the computer. I've got an addictive personality (not to alcohol,drugs, or smoking) but to cross-stitching and crochet and audiobooks.
        I finished the little Spring Cross stitch and excitedly got up to take a picture of it but the battery was exhausted so I can't show my picture. Putuee! Blah.
        I wish you all the best and talk to you tomorow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I need to make a list of projects that I am doing!

I need to get going on doing 1 hour of either Michelangelo(Tues.,Thurs.,Sat., and Sun.) and the Nativity Sampler again.(Mon.,Wed., and Friday.) Today is Wednesday. At Sit n' Stitch I will do my Nativity Sampler. I've got to keep on stitching,it is so relaxing!
I've got flowers that I am doing for the little SPRING cross-stitch that I'm going to put up on my door, but there is two more days till May and I need to do a rush job on it. I love to stay up all night and cross stitch.
Maybe that's what I should do.I'm retired so that gives me license, doesn't it?
I've got my nudi-blanket that I am making with Mom that I need to keep doing.I need to make a bookmark for each member of the family for Christmas and I'm making a granny-square soft blanket just for fun!I love the feel of it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boo- Hoo.I haven't been doing my daily projects for 2 weeks!

The stand is still on order for the Michelangelo piece and I thought I'd take a break from it and the Nativity Sampler and make a framed cross-stitch of flowers for May and June. Sunday everything is closed down in this small town of Astoria, Or. except for JoAnn's so I'm going to get my clothes on and go shopping for thread. I'm making "Purity" on p. 7 of "Old Fashioned Floral Charted Designs." Instead of "Purity" I will put "Spring" with my name up on top. Now to start it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh boo, an inspection!

I live in a high rise and tomorow there will be an inspection of the apts. I'm not really worried. A friend and I got the place mostly clean and organized for it, but now there are all of these small to large bags with projects in them scattered all around the front room; "God", The Nativity Sampler, crocheted wristlets-WIP, Sheet music for choir-needs practice!, frustrated makings of beginning afghan (the yarn is fuzzy with lumps all over it-impossible to crochet.) Bookmarks to cross-stitch for Christmas, a cloth box of fabric scraps. Oh dear! I hope the new manager doesn't mind.They're put in neat, pristeen places though, so probably not.