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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finished up with My Nativity Sampler- Joseph. I have done Mary and the Child.

Last night at Sit n" Stitch I finished Joseph and outlined him.The Kit is by Dimensions and they have a folksy style that I really like.Now I am working on the branches above Joseph and above Mary. I'll get a picture of it soon!
"God" is very challenging but a delight to do.I am almost finished with 5 rows of the first page.I have 15 more pages to go. There are 8 of them that are not complete, which is a relief! It's a lot of work! I am getting a stand with a stretcher bar on it to hold the piece steady. I have residual paralysis on my right side with no manual dexterity and so I am hoping that this stand will ease up the problems of holding my work steady. I don't know yet. It is being ordered so I need to wait for the delivery. A friend will put it together for me and put "God" on the frame. Bless her heart!

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