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Friday, March 5, 2010

WIP's and Finished works and UFO's.

1. "Sometimes the Dragon Wins" by Annie M.
The letters used were from, " A Big Collection of Alphabets in Cross Stitch." I used two alphabets in creating the piece. The "Sometimes..." was done with Holy Crosses on each letter done in purple on p. 5, and "the Dragon Wins" was done in sinewy letters on p. 24 using the leftover colors from the Dragon Cross stitch. I really liked doing it. I did it for a relative. She knew about it so she would come over and marvel at it. I just loved showing the progress off because she would give good comments and a "Good Job!" now and then.
I just love her!

2. The Dragon on a Castle by Annie M.
This was a UFO from 2006 that I worked on every year. I would finish a spot and then get tired of it and put it away but always jotted down the year and the date I started again on. I gave it to a relative I'll call Nancy. She immediately said, "I want you to finish it by Christmas." So I told her I would stitch on it an hour a day. This was back in May,2009..I got fascinated with it towards Christmas and would pull all-nighters and stitch until morning. I'm retired so I could afford the time spent recovering from those all-night bouts. I finished it on Nov. 22, 2009 and am so proud of it. Nancy and her husband got it framed and it is just gorgeous. Dragons are Nancy's favorite creatures!

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