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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I need to make a list of projects that I am doing!

I need to get going on doing 1 hour of either Michelangelo(Tues.,Thurs.,Sat., and Sun.) and the Nativity Sampler again.(Mon.,Wed., and Friday.) Today is Wednesday. At Sit n' Stitch I will do my Nativity Sampler. I've got to keep on stitching,it is so relaxing!
I've got flowers that I am doing for the little SPRING cross-stitch that I'm going to put up on my door, but there is two more days till May and I need to do a rush job on it. I love to stay up all night and cross stitch.
Maybe that's what I should do.I'm retired so that gives me license, doesn't it?
I've got my nudi-blanket that I am making with Mom that I need to keep doing.I need to make a bookmark for each member of the family for Christmas and I'm making a granny-square soft blanket just for fun!I love the feel of it.

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