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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting all over again!

Dear Readers,
I have a big load of projects to do and I need to keep a record of them with pictures in the future, hopefully. Here is a list of them plus daily happenings (jots). It will motivate me to keep a record of as many as I work on every day.

1. A big cross-stitch Dragon for my dear Mom. I've got a dragon head, body, 1 incomplete wing I'm working on, 1 round part of a castle that the dragon is lying on, a part of a tail & trees in the background. Right now I am working on the wing. I will put down what I have done each day. I work for about 67 minutes and 6 seconds which splits in half to be 33 min. 33 seconds twice. I skip days that are too hot but I've got a good ventilating system in my apt. that works to keep me cool most of the time. Today is the 30th of July, 2009 and I just had my 55th birthday! We went to see M.C. Escher at the Portland Art museum. Mom, Alan, Matt and I just loved it. It was fascinating and I bought and brought home an Escher 365 Day Calendar and an Escher bookmark. I was looking for an Escher needlepoint but they didn't have any.

2. A wall-hanging for Sandy. He picked out a pattern that looked like 3 pieces of paper on top of each other. 3rd straight up and down, 2nd skewed around a fourth and 1st skewed around another fourth. I've got the 4 patterns done.
2a.Put them together.
2b. Make a frame and put it around.
2c. Put on backing and sign it.

3. A wall-hanging for the Eggman-Tymothy Bates, who does the beautiful Pysanka eggs, which I've bought 6 of! It's called Dorothy's Cabin and I have not started on it yet! Tomorow is Thursday so I'll have time to work on it by getting the preliminaries done.
3a. Go across to ABECO and get the Foundation Piece pattern for it copyed.
3b. Pick out the colors-Red, Yellow, green and purple-6 of each.

These 3 are the ones I'm working on now. I want to do it daily so I'll put it on my schedule. I will write more tomorow! Love ya!

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